Youth Club

Hi my name is Jeanette Warke Project Manager of The Cathedral Youth Club. I have been involved with the Cathedral Youth Club for the past 38 years. The Youth Club has seen many changes over the years with the change in venue and management. We opened back in September 1972 in The old Cathedral School London Street where we provided a facility for young people to enjoy recreational activities on a Friday night.  The late Dean of Derry George Good was the inspiration behind the setting up of the Club assisted by the late David Warke. Both of these high profile figures will always be fondly remembered by all the young people both past a nd present.We then moved to The old Unionest Rooms Kennedy Place in 1980 where we all enjoyed many happy days till 1990. Finally we moved to our present premises in 1990 which was kindly handed over to us by The Housing Execuative in order to carry out the important work with the young people both living in The Fountain Estate and City, especially the Waterside.

The youth club continues to offer a wide variety of programmes and projects both to the community and the young people. To date we have won many awards and pride ourselves on being seen as A Centre of Excellence. The young people facilitate their own tour of the Fountain (Footsteps Through th Fountain) which highlights 26 sites of interest. They have also produced their own book Past the Jail and Down Behind the Fountain an intergenerational project which was completed by young people fron the Fountain and the Longtower Youth Club. This book is still available from The Cathedral Youth Club. In June this year both clubs were delighted to receive The Intergenerational award 2010 from The Northern Ireland Youth Awards. This was a very proud  moment for the young people involed in the project.

Community Education is very important on the agenda for our club activities. We offer classes for the community and the young people which are ongoing every day of the week. The youth club opens at 10.00am- 9.30pm each day.

We look forward to moving forward towards a Shared City for all and supporting our City of Culture 2013.

Jeanette Warke