6.Welch Margetson Shirt Factory

Welch Margetson Shirt Factory

The firm of Welch Margetson Shirt Factory from London was set up here; they distributed shirts all over the world and employed a work force of 1000 people, at the same time work was sent to outworkers which gave constant employment to 3000 girls in their homes.

Those where booming years for the city, with over 40 shirt factories and approx over 40,000 people employed.

Many women from the Bogside Creggan and the Fountain were employed in the Factory as well as women from the Waterside. A great Community spirit existed in the factory, many a dress was made during the tea breaks. Hair was styled, make up perfected, and of course all the bars as gossip was termed in those days was discussed.

Dead horses were a favourite with the girls as often they put in tickets for their work which was often not completed till the next day. What a great loss to our City the shirt trade.