3.The Apprentice Angel Sculpture

The Apprentice Angel Sculpture

Under the direction of Ross Wilson, this famous sculpture designed by the young people was officially launched in Sept 2009. The sculpture depicts a young man wearing a jacket covered with bronze keys. Keys include the key to the gates to the City. The apprentice angel sculpture symbolises the young people locked into the estate as well as unlocking their mind and using their freedom of knowledge. The whole theme is about locking and unlocking and is very symbolic for the young people of the Fountain.

The artist Ross Wilson commented that the word freedom took on a new meaning for him when he first met the young people from the Cathedral Youth Club. Freedom for them was to be enclosed within the Fountain Estate. We talked about the idea of them being locked in and the idea of unlocking freedom and how that could be done, The young people collected keys from householders in the estste to be used in the sculpture to symbolise unlocking their freedom.  

On the back of the young apprentice angel is a winged heart with a key hole symbolising the fact that an apprentice is someone who is given over to learning and knowledge and how we want our children to know the meaning of freedom