4.Murals Streets of Yesterday

Murals Streets of Yesterday

Bobbie Jackson painted murals in the Fountain estate for many years. The Bobby Jackson wall depicts King William on his horse crossing the Boyne. This mural is an important landmark in the Fountain and is seen by tourists from all over the world.

The Streets of Yesteryear highlights the old Derry Jail which formelly stood on the site where the houses at the top of the Fountain are now built. This was such a sad loss to the City as we all feel the jail would have been a great tourist attraction.

The mural also shows Clarence Place where Bobby Jackson and his family lived., also shows the mural at the end of his street which was painted by him.. Wapping Lane also is depicted on the mural. This street is still in existence today but sadly lacks its former glory. Streets such as this always sent out a great community feeling.

Streets of Yesteryear was painted by Community Artist Marty Edwards, Dee and Mark Logan. The project was funded by City Centre Initiative. Cathedral Youth Club developed the project.