1.Cathedral Youth Club

Cathedral Youth Club

The Cathedral youth club was opened in 1972 by the Dean of Derry George Good and David Warke. Now both deceased. The Youth club originally started in the old Cathedral Schools London St 1972- 1980. Moved to the Old Jewish Synagogue Kennedy St 1980-1990. Then to location supported by the housing executive ongoing. We offer a safe space for young people to take part in educational and recreational activities, and encourage the young people to get involved in cross community and cross boarder programmes.

The Fountain got its name from a reservoir that was piped from Riverview Basin in the Waterside area, even though there is a spring well close by which dates back to the foundation of the City.

The murals which adore the youth club represent the battle of the Somme as 99 men from the Fountain were killed during the First World War from this area.

The other murals are cap badges from different regiments that people from the Fountain served in.