Tour Guides

‘Hi, I’m Dean. I’m one of the young people living in the estate who will be your guide on some of the tours of the Fountain. I’m 14 and proud to be a loyal Protestant. I’ll show you our historic sites like the murals. Everyone is welcome on what should be a very exciting and informative tour. I’m looking forward to showing people around our area and showing them the murals and other historic tourist attractions like the Jail. The Fountain tours will be interesting for tourists because they will show people what is going on in our estate and give them an idea of how two different cultures, that are very different, cope with living so close together – not always peacefully!’

‘My name is Garth and I’m a teenager who has lived in the Fountain all my life. I’m excited to be one of the tour guides for the ‘Footsteps’ project, showing people around our area and introducing them to our culture and heritage.’

‘My name is Mark. I’ve been living in the Fountain since I was 3. I’m now 12 and I’m happy to be chosen as one of the guides on our new tourist trail. For such a small area we have loads to see. Not just the murals, which people are always interested in, but we also have a garden of remembrance for the people killed during the Troubles, an old synagogue and a statue designed with the help of the young people who live here – to name just a few. We’re also the community living closest to Londonderry’s historic walls and to St Columb’s Cathedral, which was built in 1633! So come along and see what the Fountain is like to live in now and visit some of our historic sites.’

Hi my name Devon l am 10 years old and l am so looking forward taking you on a tour of the Fountain.We thought The Fountain was a historical place to visit. Because most tours only go around the walls of the city, we came up with a new tourist trail, – a walking tour around The Fountain. Some kids have been selected to do workshops to learn about The Fountain. People from local tour groups have came and talked about The Fountain area. We have a team of eleven people giving walking tours and it is a very interesting walk